Welcome to Canyon Rim Ranch

A Wilderness Preservation Community (TM)

Canyon Rim Ranch

Canyon Rim Ranch is a Wilderness Preservation Community located on the scenic Red Canyon, in the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota. CRR is dedicated to the preservation of wildlife and vegetation on the ranch, which encompasses 2680 acres. There are 39 individually owned lots of mostly 5 and 10 acres, totaling 290 acres. The remaining 2390 acres are owned in common by the lot owners. Hunting and off road driving is not allowed in the Common Area, which is not fenced.


Welcome to Our Community!

Wildlife is abundant, including elk, mule deer, white tail deer, pronghorn antelope, coyotes, turkeys, and the occasional mountain lion. CRR property owners share the Red Canyon Saloon and Social Club, as well as a horse barn and pasture. Owners who have horses keep them at the ranch facilities. This reduces the need for outbuildings and fencing on individual lots, which might inhibit the flow of wildlife through the ranch.

We’d love to tell you our story and answer any questions about life in our community.