About Us


The CRR HOA members are the 39 lot owners. The HOA is governed by 3 officers, a President, Treasurer, and Secretary, who serve 3 year terms, and who are not paid. The HOA holds an annual business meeting on the last Saturday in June, and one officer is elected by the members each year. The current President is Julie Turner, the Treasurer is Angela Beitelspacher, and the Secretary is Colleen Millonig. We do not have a third-party management company. The yearly HOA dues are $1257 per lot.


ACC. The Architecture Control Committee consists of 3 people who serve 3 year terms, one of whom is elected each year by the HOA members at the annual business meeting. The ACC facilitates the home building process by offering local resource contacts, such as builders and utilities, and by ensuring compliance with the CRR Covenants and ACC Guidelines. The current ACC members are Keith Rabuse, Lois Adrian and Steve Robins.

Road District

Roads are maintained by the CRR Road District, which includes the roads within CRR, as well as the roads in the subdivision east of CRR, called CBJJ. The roads are gravel and are plowed in the winter. In the summer, the roads are graded, and gravel is added as necessary. The RD is governed by 3 trustees, who serve 3 year terms. One is elected each year at the annual RD meeting, held on the last Saturday of June. Current RD trustees are Larry Kulsrud, Vince Bianco and Jan Ryd. Annual RD assessments are $700 per lot.