CRR is located about 5 miles from Highway 89, through a series of gravel roads.  The roads within CRR, and in the CBJJ subdivision located to the east of CRR, are managed by the CRR Road District.  The roads are plowed in the winter and graded in the summer.  Gravel is added, repairs are made, and culverts are added or replaced as needed.  The ditches are mowed and sprayed for weeds.  The members of the Road District are the property owners in the CRR and CBJJ subdivisions.  Annual member meetings are held on the last weekend of June, when maintenance is planned, budgets are approved, and Trustees are elected.  There are 3 Trustees, and 1 is elected each year for a 3 year term.  The current Trustees are Mike Fleming, Larry Kulsrud, and Vince Bianco.  The current annual Road District assessment per lot is $700.